Lingo – a handy tool for managing your presentation assets


Julkaistu 07.04.2016

If you design a lot of presentations (like we do), you may have grown a large library of visual assets. Your thousands of photos, illustrations and vector images live in folders on your hard drive or cloud drive.  You may use some web based tool for icons library (see also our post on why you should use icons instead of bullet points )

This means that your visual assets are spread all over the place. When you search for the perfect photo to illustrate your idea, you need to go through the time and nerve consuming process of clicking through numbers of files and folders. Mac used to have iPhoto in which you could scroll through all your images and vectors in one view and just drag and drop them to your presentation. Thanks to Yosemite update iPhoto is gone and we are left with Photos that does not support that process.


The guys behind Noun Project have now introduced Lingo – an app that looks like a solution to make all your presentation visuals easily viewable and accessible. You can easily browse through your assets and just drag and drop them on your slides. You can even add meta data to your photos to make them more easily searchable. It also has Noun Project built inside, which makes accessing icons library easy. You can share your asset library with others which should solve many problems for creative teams.

It looks like it could cut a lot of corners for people who create a lot of presentations.

You can download Lingo for trial here.

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