High performance sales process starts with great design

Smart customer acquisition + efficient sales meetings = great results

Under 30% of B2B companies have a defined sales process, which is actively measured and developed.

We help B2B sales to better results in two ways. By bringing clarity into how your people conduct sales meetings are and by making more efficient use of your marketing investment using account based marketing. The end result is efficient sales processes which can be measured and developed.

Make an impact to your sales where it happens – in sales meetings. Havain Impact(TM) is a service, which gives you a defined concept for efficient sales meetings and your sales reps get an access to latest materials 24/7 online and offline. Presentations and other materials are always up to date, ready to present and super easy to share to your customers using Showell sales enablement.

Boost your customer acquisition activities with our Havain Boost (TM) services. We can target your marketing messaging only to the companies, which matter to your sales, we make your website data a sales asset and we can automate targeted lead generation activities.