How to present in the digital age?


Julkaistu 19.09.2016

Our second Master the Art of Presenting webinar “Presenting in the Digital Age” was held on last thursday. The webinar was carried out in co-operation with this years Master the Art of Presenting event partner Microsoft Finland.

Our featured quests were Malathy Eskola and Harri Mikkanen from Microsoft and 7-time European champion of Toastmasters public speaking contests John Zimmer.

The aim of the webinar was to find out how the technology and digitalisation has changed the presentation landscape in the recent years and what does this mean to presenters. We also discussed about engagement – how you can engage your audiences when presenting in the digital age.

These were the topics we discussed in our webinar:

  • The BIG change in the presentation landscape
  • Has the technology fragmented the presentation landscape and what opportunities and threats it might developed?
  • What are the rewards from embracing the change?
  • Does technology turn mud to gold?
  • Who is responsible for a smooth and pleasurable presentation experience?
  • The effect of social media on presentations?
  • What does seven-time public speaking champion John Zimmer recommend?

Watch the webinar record and learn about the challenges and new opportunities you can face today when giving a presentations.

Want to learn more about presenting and presentations?

Watch the record of our first Master the Art of Presenting -webinar: Inspire your audience with brain-friendly presentations.

At that webinar we discussed about how brain research can help you present better. Our guest were PhD candidate and brain researcher Mona Moisala, who is also one of the speakers in this years Master the Art of Presenting event. Mona gave good tips that definitely will help you to inspire your audiences!