Presentation design case study: Euroloan – Banking as it should work


Julkaistu 13.05.2016

Here´s a case study of how a professional presentation design partner can help busy executives. Below you can watch a video on which Petra Mengelt, Director of Customer Experience at Euroloan Group PLC tells about her experience on working with us on an important presentation.

The objective

Since founding in 2007, Euroloan Group PLC has been disrupting the way consumer financing services are offered. Instead of building a traditional bank, Euroloan has had a laser sharp focus on two things – lean and digital operating model and superb customer experience.

Petra Mengelt wanted to create a presentation that captures  the Euroloan thinking about how consumer finance should work and its differentation from traditional banks.

The presentation has several uses both outside the company – such as presentations to partners and in industry conferences- and inside the company – for example company introduction to new employees.

Content creation

We explored the topic, the audience, and main points of the presentation in a content creation workshop with Petra Mengelt. As we worked on the content we realised that Petra and Euroloan can articulate well the advantages of their service and operating model. The one thing that was missing still, was the translation of advantages into customer benefits.

The  biggest insight to the structure and the organisation of the presentation was that it should be built around a main character who represents their typical customer. Therefore we introduced Mikko who is looking for a new motorcycle and finds exactly the right one at 10.37 PM on Wednesday night. Mikko faces several problems when he should get some financing for the down payment to be sure that he gets his dream bike.


After the story had been laid out. We worked on presentation graphics that captures the customer problem and Euroloan’s solution to it, and communicates the simplicity of Euroloan’s service. We combined photography, video, vector graphics and short basic messages as a simple and coherent slide deck. You can see a quick preview below.

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The graphic design was iterated with the customer, although – thanks to our previous experience on working with Euroloan – the design was almost spot on on the first round.


Petra Mengelt said that the process helped her escape “the curse of knowledge”.  What it means that when you have a very deep understanding and long experience about something, it becomes very difficult to understand how it felt to not know anything about it. It becomes hard to communicate on the right level.

This is one of the key areas where a presentation designer partner can help  – to escape the curse of knowledge and simplifying the message – in addition to taking the presentation visuals to a whole new level.

In this video you can learn from Petra how she found that it is not only the presentation graphics, but also the preceding process – stripping away the extraneous and carving out the key message – that helped in improving Euroloan presentation.


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