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Presentation design tools – the battle of Slidebot, Canva and Ludus
1024 683 Lacey Nguyen

Ten years ago, when somebody mentioned me the term ”presentation”, the first thing appeared on my mind was traditional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which has ruled since 1987. But that’s not…

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Best free presentation software: Choose your PowerPoint alternative
1000 563 Meri-Tuuli Nevala

We like PowerPoint, but sometimes we like to use other presentation tools as well. In these days there are several presentation software out there, and sometimes it may be hard…

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Call for your PowerPoint development ideas
1024 576 Timo Sorri

If you are a PowerPoint heavy user, you may have grown frustrated with its longish development cycle. It used to be that PowerPoint got major improvements in the cycle of Office…

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PowerPoint back in business
Back in business – major updates and extensions to PowerPoint
1024 576 Timo Sorri

Few months back you could have thought that Microsoft has already given up on PowerPoint. Alternative presentation solutions such as Prezi, Haiku Deck and Flowvella were getting media attention and…

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