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Do not wait for inspiration
Don’t wait for presentation inspiration to kick in – find it!
1000 563 Meri-Tuuli Nevala

We have all been there. Even the most creative ones. Stuck. Sitting and waiting for presentation inspiration to kick in. Sometimes it comes easily, but sometimes it is a great…

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Icons in PowerPoint Presentation
Why you should use icons in your PowerPoint presentation
1000 563 Meri-Tuuli Nevala

  Over the years the combination of a title and list with bullet-points and loads of text has become to be the way of presenting things. Because of that, we have…

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Secrets of impacftul presentations
The secrets of delivering impactful presentations
1024 576 Meri-Tuuli Nevala

We wanted to find the secret ingredient that makes a presentation or speech impactful. To find the answer we started by asking from some of the people we have worked with…

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