Master the Art of Presenting: “For a seminar it was very concrete, no high level babble”

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It has been week since the second edition of Master the Art of Presenting –event took place. We were, and still are, very excited about the event and how it went, even though there were  of course a few surprises during the day.

Edit 1.10.2015 – Added the Master the Art of Presenting event video below. 


The event gathered 50 eager presenting learners to the same space.

The day began with a keynote presentations about “Presentations and brains”. Brain researcher Mona Moisala told about her work and gave good tips for presentations. She also reminded that multitasking isn’t good for audiences concentration!

As Mona taught in her presentation, activation and involvement of the audience is good for keeping up the  attentiveness of the audience, John Zimmer and Timo Sorri gave tips regarding how to make a presentation interactive in their keynote “Don´t go solo!”.

After lunch the program was held into two rooms so that people could participate that breakout session they wanted. In the sessions participants got to refine their skills in presentation design and online presenting; got to be samurais in improvisation workshop; and learned how to speak with their body in body language workshop.

John Zimmer's and David Gelkin's improvisation workshop

John Zimmer’s and David Gelkin’s improvisation workshop

Over the speed dates with our event partners participants got to learn about new presentation tools and applications presented by the partners. And in the end of a great day, speaker of the year in Finland, Andre Noël Chaker got everybody excited with his energetic and engaging speech.

So, overall in our eyes event went well, but of course we are more than interested about at how the participants thought it went.

“All topics were excellent, the brain presentation was really awesome.”

Feedback regarding the presentations was mostly positive. Few participants mentioned that some of the presentations were too basic, while other participants thought that the topics were just right and relevant.

Mona Moisala’s presentation about presentations and brains was praised as useful and was something new for everyone  in the event. Perhaps the reason was that you don’t get to hear about brain research and it’s surprising connection to presentations every day!

John Zimmer and Timo Sorri: Don't go solo!

John Zimmer and Timo Sorri: Don’t go solo!

Insights to new tools and applications

We received some negative feedback regarding the speed date sessions with event partners, where participants got to hear about new presentation tools and applications. Some people experienced that this session was not as valuable as the the other sessions during the day.  Some participants had commented that it was useful to hear about new ideas and solutions to problems that are mostly due to shortcomings of current technology.

Our intention was, and will continue to be in the future, to provide insight to new and useful tools in the field of presentations. Based on the feedback we need to rethink the placement and implementation of partner sessions. So note taken there.

What happens on next year?

As you might guess, this year’s Master the Art of Presenting was not the last one. We have started to plan the next year’s event, but details are still under work. We got some very good suggestions and ideas from the feedback of this year’s event participants.

Participants would like to learn about how to deal  with nerves, how to present to smaller groups or in one-to-one presentations, as well as learn about new presentation tools.

These suggestions were great and we will take them into account when planning the next year’s event. If you have some suggestions about the topics, leave a comment or tweet using #mastertheart!


Grades (0 to 5)

  • Overall grade 4,2
  • Venue 4,6
  • Room at the venue 3,7
  • Food and drinks 4,1
  • Speakers 4,5


Few comments regarding the Master the Art of Presenting event

“An event I can honestly recommend further to my colleagues!”

“More time for workshops! Topics were all relevant. “

“I’d add a presentation about personal preparation for a speech if you tend to be nervous and before/during the speech/presentation + practical tips. Maybe a short description of a standard good structure and content of a speech and presentation.”

“It was an excellent event. Much better than I was waiting. There we can see the importance of use true professionals.”

“The speed dating could have been placed perhaps after lunch or at least I felt quite tired at that point to digest any new info.”

“Good mixture of all different aspects of preparing and delivering presentations.”

“The range of topics was just right I think, a great mixture of many different aspects you need to deliver great presentations.”

Master the Art of Presenting


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