Free giveaway – Presentation Font Embedder


Julkaistu 15.03.2016

I previously wrote this post about how to embed PowerPoint fonts. After that I have tried Presentation Font Embedder and experienced that it truly does work.

Just yesterday I created a PowerPoint file on my Mac and embedded the font (Ubuntu, not a standard font in any computer) with Presentation Font Embedder. After that I continued the work on my Windows laptop that did not have the font in its font library. Apart from the warning message upon opening the PowerPoint file, everything else worked out just great: I was able to make text edits to the file, save it without any problems and continue using it on my Mac.

More great news: the brilliant people at Presentation Font Embedder gave us a free giveaway code for Presentation Font Embedder (Thank you!). So if you would like to get the benefit of having the entire universe of fonts at your user without having to be afraid that your PowerPoint file breaks then:

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And we will send the promotional code to one lucky respondent next week.