Digital sales and presentation skills training

If you want your people to deliver better presentation experiences and outshine your competitors, you have come to the right place.

We offer presentation training for preparing, visualizing and delivering presentations both in person and virtually. We offer sales training which helps your people to deliver great customer experiences in all touchpoints with customers.

Presentation training

Our training addresses these questions

How do you build a clear and effective presentation both from content and technical viewpoint? How to prepare for meetings and presentations both in person and online? How to present in a webinar?

“Havain presentation training gave us a wake up call for thinking differently about presentations: we learned that instead of forcing our ideas and facts we should pay more attention on understanding the audiences need and how to wake and keep interest in the presentation. Especially the learnings about storytelling gave me lot of food for thought for upcoming presentations.

Tuija Laine-Itävuo
Henkilöstön kehittämispäällikkö, Tamro Oyj

Sales training

Digital change the way we sell. You need to move from product sales to understanding of customer’s business needs and selling solutions and value. Our training partner helps your people to ascend to the next level.

Training topics include how to deliver great customer experience, how to sell through digital mediums, social selling and customer service attitude.

“We had been searchig for a trainer who could combine both how to prepare a presentation and how to deliver it in different customer touchpoints. Havain delivered us a great pakage on how to achieve that. For me the training was very inspiring and reminded how small details make great impact.”

Katri Heinonen
Markkinointijohtaja, Lejos Oy

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