Always up to date sales presentations, accessible 24/7

This is the definition of modern B2B sales and you can get it from us as a service

Havain Impact™ sales presentation services

Sales meeting concept and presentation renewal

Starting from € 2 000

  • We facilitate a workshop for creating a unified concept for your sales meetings
  • We produce a playbook for your sales meetings, which help you to develop the quality of your sales work and train your people faster
  • We deploy Showell sales enablement which helps you to keep your sales materials always up to date and see how they are being used
  • We renew your sales materials, if needed

Showell sales enablement as managed service

Starting € 350 / mo

account based asiakasymmärrys ja -näkemys
  • Showell sales enablement as a service to help you manage, update and analyze the usage of your sales materials
  • Monthly maintenace and development of your sales materials and sales meeting concept

Benefits of the service



Less time for searching materials

 Sales materials in one place and on all devices up to date and accessible offline.

More impactful presentations

Well-designed materials help in making an impact from the first second.

More efficient sales meetings

Easy to use materials and lightning-fast user interface enable interactive use of sales materials.



Unified customer experience

Get an up to date and brand compliant material package.

Get control to what is presented

Track what materials sales reps use and how they use them.

More efficient training

Keep your sales reps updated on the latest materials and train new reps faster.

Here is how we make an impact on your sales meetings

havain-impact-myyntisisältöjen-toteutus-vaihe1Sales meeting creation

Creating the outline for your sales meetings (how should it go by the book) and drafting ideas for your sales presentation.

havain-impact-myyntisisältöjen-toteutus-vaihe2Sales presentation production

We give you outside perspective with expert knowledge and create you sales presentation that seals the deal with prospects on a higher close rate.


Sales material management

We help your sales representatives to close more deals with sales enablement platform Showell. This platform is ready for use and deal making 24/7 online and offline. With Showell your sales representative has maximum ability to sell with minimum effort.

havain-impact-myyntisisältöjen-toteutus-vaihe3Myynnin materiaalien hallinta

Otamme käyttöön myynnin materiaalien hallinta ja käyttöalusta Showellin. Alusta tarjoaa myyjälle pääsyn ajantasaisiin myyntimateriaaleihin 24/7 online ja offline. Lisäksi myynninjohto saa Showellilla näkyvyyden myyntikohtaamisen: mitä materiaaleja myyjät käyttävät, mikä toimii, mikä ei toimi. Tämä on työkalu modernin myyntikohtaamisen pystyttämiseen aina ja kaikkialla.

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