Digital Sales and Marketing services

What would happen to your sales, if you would reach your most important decision makers ten times more effectively?

We plan and do digital content and campaigns that bring efficiencies to sales. Our approach differs from that of others. We believe we can create the greatest benefit for your sales, because of these three basic principles that guide our work.

Your digital content and campaign investment should be directed where your expected return is at its largest. We believe that it is more efficient to do digital marketing and sales based on account plans rather than personas.

That is why we start our digital sales and marketing service from account planning and key decision maker identification. We create content and campaigns to support your sales based on the customers and target persons YOU DEFINE. Not based on some generic personas or ideal customers.

Click through rates, page vistors and conversion rates will leave your sales people cold, if they never materialize in meetings, offers and sales.

We think that there are more interesting measures for digital sales. Such as page visitors from relevant customer organizations, meetings with key decision makers or contract renewals. We define the KPIs of our service based on what is important for YOUR SALES.

Sales is organized around key accounts. That is why the digital campaigns that support sales should be planned and executed around accounts.

We plan and do our account based digital marketing campaigns in direct cooperation with sales organization. This assures that we always keep our eye on the same ball – key accounts and sales.

Digital sales planning - Flight Plan

Your digital content and campaign investment should be directed where your expected return is at its largest. That is why we start our digital sales service by creating a customer-specific plan. We call it Flight Plan.

We create your Flight Plan in a 3 week development sprint. As a result, you get a plan on the accounts, content and campaigns which will amount to a ten-fold increase in activity towards your selected accounts and decision makers.

Digital sales planning

Minimum viable campaign

Minimum viable campaignin is a means to test the Flight plan with small investment and low commitment. We create a campaign with a limited target accounts and content that can be created rapidly.

The objective of MVC is to give you an experience on the benefits using digital content and campaigns to support personal sales work. It will also give you learnings for expanding the account based marketing to other accounts.

Account based marketing

We target and optimize digital marketing content and campaigns to your most valuable target accounts.

Digital Content Creation

We create videos, presentations, infographics, webinars, search engine optimized landing pages, professional email campaigns and automations

Presentation Design

We create pinnacle sales presentations. Read more about our presentation design services here.

Task force

After minimum vialble campaign, our Task Force implements your digital sales plan alongside your sales organization. Task Force creates content and executes digital campaigns to support personal sales work.

The objective is to make your important accounts more aware of your offering, to free sales representatives time where personal sales work is at its best, to scale the expertise of your people to your customers, to reach and meet key decision makers more often and more extensively, and as a result to get more sales.