Account based marketing reached inflection point - five key takeaways from ABM Innovation Summit
Account based marketing at tipping point – five key takeaways from ABM Innovation Summit
720 405 Timo Sorri

Once again ABM Innovation Summit presented by Demandbase and sponsors was a great event packed with cutting edge content, brilliant discussions with fellow abmers, great food, beautiful San Francisco weather…

Feature image: Why buy a presentation from a presentation expert?
Why buy a presentation from a presentation expert?
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The title says it all. Creating presentations is its very own area of expertise. It includes an understanding of the audience’s—most often the potential buyer’s—perspective, a capability to communicate effectively…

Morph in PowerPoint – The ultimate game-changer for your presentation! (part 2)
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

In my previous blog about Morph, I have mentioned some basics of using Morph in PowerPoint. However, there are still a lot of tips and tricks that you can use…

7 basic and simple rules of typography in design for a beginner
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There is one favorite quote of mine that always reminds of how important Typography is: “When typography is on point, words become images”. Actually, the definition of type and images…

Morph header
Morph in PowerPoint – The ultimate game-changer for your presentation! (part 1)
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

If you have ever heard or used Prezi, you would know that it is really famous for the smooth zoom in – zoom out transitions. These transitions were at first…

Placeholder and the magic of it in PowerPoint
1024 573 Lacey Nguyen

What is the first thing you notice when opening a new presentation file? I bet all of you have seen the blank simple slide of Microsoft PowerPoint with the text…

Increase goal pursuit with visualizations
1024 576 Pauliina Ullner

I’m sure you have some idea of how visualizations can help goal pursuit. I’m also convinced that the research I am about to summarise for you, will shed a little more…

Icons for presentations 101
Icons for presentations 101. All you need to know
1024 611 Lacey Nguyen

    “Icon is a symbol or graphic representation on a screen of a program, option, or window.” – Cambridge Dictionary The word “icon” in Latin means similar, likeness and…

3D-Models header
Introducing new PowerPoint feature: 3D Models
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

Microsoft PowerPoint is getting more powerful than ever. When PowerPoint released Morph transition, it made such a revolution for Presentations and Presentation Design (I will soon talk about it and how…

dont use buzzwords in presentations
Why using buzzwords in your presentation will bite you in the behind
1024 576 Pauliina Ullner

And what do grandmothers and airplane crashes have to do with presenting? Read on to find out!   There are some disturbing “truths” in the world. You can use them…

The Cherokee, the wolf and the three C's of presenting
The Cherokee, the wolf and the three C’s of presenting
1024 576 Pauliina Ullner

When you want to sell your idea and aspire action, the three C’s you must work on are concept, contrast and call to action. But what does a Cherokee and…

90 awesome ideas for visual content marketing [infographic]
1024 635 Lacey Nguyen

For the last few years, the phrase “Visual Content” has become familiar with marketing world. Marketing experts expected that 2017 is also the “year of content marketing.”  Two-thirds of 2017 has…

Is your sales presentation helping or hurting you
Is your sales presentation helping or hurting you?
1024 576 Pauliina Ullner

I remember one time sitting in the audience of a pitching event. There was one company with a complex niche product and a buzzkill presentation about it. Later I could…

Presentation design tools – the battle of Slidebot, Canva and Ludus
1024 683 Lacey Nguyen

Ten years ago, when somebody mentioned me the term “presentation”, the first thing appeared on my mind was traditional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which has ruled since 1987. But that’s not…

How to use vector graphics in PowerPoint
How to use vector graphics in PowerPoint
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

As I have mentioned before in my blog posts, good visualization has a vital role in the success of a presentation. With the rise in the popularity of infographics, many…

Basic Typographic terms you need to know
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

Typography is one of the most important features that matter to your presentation design. Good typography can make big differences: creating readable content, emphasizing important words and influence audiences’ moods. Therefore, we…

Suggestions to Slide Background
Suggestions to PowerPoint slide background
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

Slide background plays a vital role in delivering a good-looking presentation. A good selection of background can really make your content stand out. When I started working with presentation design,…

Photo editing in PowerPoint
1024 576 Mai Nguyen

Adobe Photoshop is a brilliant tool for photo editing, however, did you know that you can use Microsoft PowerPoint for photo editing too? And you can even make great effects such as…