Sales and marketing growing the same revenue

This is what ABM is about, seamless teamwork within sales organization, and that’s what we can bring to your table

Our account based marketing services

Account Based Marketing academy


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  • You will learn:
    • What is ABM
    • How you create your ABM strategy
    • How do you do ABM
  • Training is meant for:
    • Sales representatives
    • Marketers
    • Sales and marketing leadership
  • Attendees will prove their new skills by completing a test
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Account Based Marketing campaigns

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  • Targeted advertising campaigns that are designed to boost your sales from your best clients
  • Turn your website into a sales machine that helps you reach new clients even without a form fill
  • Sales funnel optimization for your website

Account Based Marketing strategy creation

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Strategia Account Based Marketingiin
  • Find your best target market or ideal customer profile: we do this in co-operation with you
  • Create target account list for your business
  • Get contact text templates for your your business
  • Connect with your clients on LinkedIn or via email: we send LinkedIn connect invites to your clients on your behalf
  • Get connected with the people who are interested in your offering: you pick up from here and seal the deal

We are ABM partners of

Demandbase is world leading account based marketing platform to grow b2b sales with ABM. Demandbase covers the entire field of ABM and has all the tools, bells and whistles you may need. Demandbase is GDPR compliant.


Albacross is nordic account based marketing platform. With it we can track the companies entering your website and follow up their decision maker leadership on autopilot when combined with marketing automation. Albacross is GDPR compliant.

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