We are Havain

Havain was founded in 2013 by its CEO Timo Sorri. The founding idea was, and still is, to provide a simple, fast and practical solution for companies and individuals that want to get good results from their presentations.

Today Havain is a digital sales and presentation design company that offers services and solutions for account based marketing, digital content production and presentation creation.

We work in close cooperation with our related companies Seedi (growth consulting) and Taito United (digitalisation).

If you have a question about how to improve your presentation or how to get your presentation in front of your potential customer, drop us a line here.

Our Values

You may be wondering whether we are the right fit for you when it comes to doing business. We understand. We want to work with people who share the same core values as us. What are those core values? They are listed below and reflect our beliefs and how we do business.

Have fun

We work hard but we work“fun”as well. We take our work seriously but we don´t take ourselves too seriously.

Deliver results

Our clients pay for results. We take pride of delivering those results in a fast and efficient manner.

Sharpen your saw

We want to stay curious, learn new things, and share what we have learned with others.

Be fair

We treat our clients, our colleagues and complete strangers fairly. We would never sacrifice long-term relationships for short-term gain.

Love your family

We love our families, both the one at home and the one we spend time with at the workplace. Our choices reflect love and respect towards our families.

We are Havain

Timo Sorri

CEO & Presentation Designer
timo (at) havain.fi
+358 400 407 611

Timo is a presentation designer and the founder and CEO of Havain. He is an engineer by training and presentations are his passion. Timo’s background is in IT management consulting, and marketing and sales.

Today he helps his clients—from small ones to global corporates and public institutions—turn their ideas into compelling and coherent visual stories and automated marketing campaigns. He is a husband, father of three and a big fan of basketball.

Timo Sorri Havain

Atte Sallamo

ABM Strategist
atte (at) havain.fi
+358 407 554 404

Atte Master of Arts and a history major from the University of Helsinki. He is passionate about psychology, digital ecosystems and understanding human behavior. For Atte, these served as a gateway to the world of marketing where he applies his knowledge and grows his understanding of human experience.

As our ABM Strategist, Atte helps clients to improve the performances of their sales funnels, creates compelling content and helps clients to reach their target audience.

In addition to this, Atte reads a lot and enjoys developing new skills. As one of his favorite hobbies, he mentions board games which he can easily spend hours on playing.

Joonas Villanen

Joonas Villanen

Inbound & Content Lead
joonas (at) joonasvillanen.com

Joonas serves his customers by combining fresh content ideas, current technologies, and a can-do-attitude. He also provides bolder digital experimentations that are customer (and value) centric.

Joonas is a bachelor of business who, during school, focused on service and media design. Joonas is always looking for new ways of implementing his learnings to real cases.

Joonas is, what we like to call, a marketing multi-talent who refuses to stop learning. Even in his spare time, he shares his knowledge his following via his vlog.

Victor Rubanovitsch

Business Development Representative
victor (at) havain.fi

Victor gained a great amount of experience from door to door sales. In addition to selling, he also has experience in leadership and project management. He is very interested in developing his sales skills because you can never be too good at selling. Victor is studying business at the University of Vaasa as a first year student. He enjoys the simple ways to express complex things and exploits it in sales. The end result is the most important so he wants that the customer will be a long-term customer and satisfied.

Victor’s hobbies are sports and reading. He is active in a few organizations and likes to network with new people.

Victor Rubanovitsch

Marko Parkkinen

Senior Advisor

Marko is a partner, member of the board and senior advisor in Havain. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and company growth. He has made his career in the marketing and advertisement industry as CEO of Euro RSCG and founder and CEO of Bob Helsinki.

Today he is the owner and CEO of Solutions Agency Seedi, Havain’s partner company.

Marko Parkkinen

Our Partners

Ratkaisutoimisto Seedi

Growth strategies and concepts

Seedi is a growth consulting company. Seedi helps its customers in creating strategies for growth, and in developing new product and service concepts. Seedi and Havain collaborate in message and presentation design for the new products, services and companies that are created as a result of Seedi’s work.

Taito United


Taito United designs and creates digital services and products. Its services include design of digital service concepts, quick development of pilot products or services and controlled up-scaling of services. Taito United and Havain help companies create digital sales channels by offering web-page development in combination with presentation design and marketing automation.


Sales enablement

Showell is a Sales Enablement App that empowers your sales reps to give superb sales presentations, while letting you easily manage and distribute sales material and track the performance of your sales activities.